Russians were told about an inappropriate snack

Pavlova’s doctor said that nuts should not be used as a snack, endocrinologist of the Moscow State University and Candidate of Medical Sciences Zukhra Pavlova said that nuts should not be used as a snack between main meals.

She shared this in an interview with Sputnik radio.

The specialist dispelled the widespread myth about nuts as an ideal snack. She explained that although they contain a lot of useful substances, there is no need to consume them in large quantities. “To get everything you need from nuts — trace elements, vegetable fats, and so on, it’s enough to eat literally a few pieces. A portion of walnuts is only a couple of pieces, pecans or Brazil nuts — one piece, almonds, hazelnuts or cashews – six or seven pieces,” Pavlova said.

In addition, when eating nuts in large quantities, a person may develop obesity due to their high calorie content, the doctor warned. “A snack with nuts is high in calories, because no one eats two nuts, everyone eats handfuls or cups. If you do not sort out calories, then it is small in volume, and if the normal volume is too much calories and a simple path to obesity. In addition, it is almost impossible to digest protein from nuts, only a very small amount of it is absorbed,” she said.

The specialist considered yogurt with cucumber or apple to be an ideal snack. In the first half of the day, she recommended combining a protein product with fruits, and in the second, in her opinion, it is worth replacing them with vegetables.

Earlier, allergist-immunologist Alexey Popovich warned about the main danger of nuts. He noted that they can provoke a strong allergic reaction, in particular, anaphylaxis.