Blogger Davidych commented on the departure of European car companies

Blogger Davidych said that representatives of European car companies “threw” Russia Representatives of European car companies “threw” Russia, leaving car owners without warranty service.

So autoblogger Eric Kituashvili, known as Davidych, commented on the departure of European representatives from the Russian car market, writes Telegram channel O!News.

“European car manufacturers have abandoned me and my whole country. I understand that the political situation is changing. But when we agreed with you, when I took the money to the cash register, you didn’t move anything about politics,” he was indignant.

Davidych also accused European politicians of earning political points. “And how will it end? You will all be demolished in the same way. It’s just that citizens will demolish you all, because they are freezing, because gas is like an airplane wing today,” he concluded.

Earlier, Dmitry Pronin, CEO of the Moskvich automaker, estimated a drop in sales of new passenger cars in Russia in 2022. According to his forecast, the car market will fall by 50 percent, to 770 thousand units. He added that he expects the beginning of a gradual recovery of the Russian market in 2024 — then its volume may reach 1.33 million, and in 2026 — 1.69 million passenger cars.