In Moscow, they again felt the smell of burning after extinguishing forest fires

Muscovites feel the smell of burning and smog even after the localization of fires in the Ryazan region in Moscow, even after extinguishing forest fires in the Ryazan region, a sharp smell of burning is felt.

This is reported by RIA Novosti.

According to the correspondent, there is a “light suspension” in the center of Moscow. Because of the smog, it seems that a light haze covers the buildings.

The area of forest fires in the Ryazan region has reached 19 thousand hectares. Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Grigorenko at a meeting of the government commission on fighting fires said that the fires in the Ryazan region, which brought smog to Moscow, are completely localized.

Avialesookhrana reported that forest fire services in Russia extinguished 70 wildfires over the past day on August 27, 2022. According to the dispatching services of forestry, the area of fires amounted to 56,338 hectares in 29 regions of Russia. Almost 4.5 thousand people and more than 900 pieces of equipment were involved in extinguishing.