Plastic surgeon warned about the dangers of lip augmentation

The surgeon Davydov stated about the risk of getting necrosis during the lip augmentation procedure not from doctors, patients who decided to do the lip augmentation procedure not from specialized specialists are at risk of getting necrosis.

I warned about this in an interview with Head of the Department of Oncoplastic Surgery of the Herzen Moscow Research Oncological Institute, Maxillofacial and Plastic surgeon, MD, Professor Dmitry Davydov.

Davydov noted that people who choose the lip correction procedure are most at risk of getting such a complication. The specialist also stressed that it is very dangerous to go to a cosmetologist who has no medical education.

Women all over the world are jealous of the beauty of Russian women.What are they willing to do to find the appearance of their dreams?July 1, 2022″Everyone is introduced, including even people without medical education.

This is a disaster. This is a business for people’s health. A cosmetologist, in theory, is a dermatovenerologist who has completed a residency in dermatovenerology, that is, he is a serious doctor, plus an additional cosmetology education. Then this is a sane normal specialist,” the surgeon said.

Earlier it became known that a TikTok blogger with the nickname freakyprincess33 enlarged her lips after each breakup with her lover and was left with a spoiled face. To spite the last boyfriend, the user signed up for a cosmetologist and did another procedure for the introduction of a filler. The posted footage shows that the girl’s lips are very swollen, swollen and swollen to large sizes.