The mistake of American intelligence regarding Russia’s plans in Ukraine has been revealed

The National Interest has reported an error by US intelligence regarding Russia’s plans for Ukraine, The National Interest journalist Ramzy Mardini has revealed an error by American intelligence regarding Russia’s plans in Ukraine.

He believes that the United States did not have a clear idea of how Moscow would act, so Washington did its best to inflate the threat in the information space.

It is noted that American experts have made many assumptions and made various forecasts regarding the conduct of a military special operation, including coups in Ukrainian cities, all kinds of provocations, the use of chemical weapons and even cyber attacks. The author said that all this was based on unverified information and probability theory, thanks to which the US interpreted the data as it was convenient for them, without encountering their verification by anyone.

In addition to the beginning of the special operation itself, other threats and warnings have not been justified. Later, US officials admitted that the unfounded threats were part of the information war against Russiamzi Mardin, a journalist for The National Interest, in his opinion, the American public was deceived into supporting an expensive and risky confrontation with Russia.

Then he was actively convinced that Ukraine was winning the war, he added. Mardini stressed that Washington’s “proactive tactics” turned out to be disinformation, which led to a distorted view of Moscow’s political goals and ambitions.

Without world domination.The Nobel laureate questioned the power of the United States on June 24, 2022, for the United States, Mikhail Neizhmakov, a leading analyst at the Russian Agency for Political and Economic Communications, accused American President Joe Biden of trying to extract his own benefits from helping Kiev.

He believes that Biden does not care about the well-being of Ukrainians, and personal motives can be traced in his actions.

The political scientist clarified that the US defense industry is currently forming orders for the manufacture of weapons for Ukraine. Thus, in the context of the economic crisis, the Democratic Party, on the eve of the midterm congressional elections, can use this situation as an argument that new jobs will appear in the country. In addition, from a foreign policy point of view, this is another step of pressure on Russia, Neizhmakov said.

At the same time, Jason W. Davidson, a professor of political science at the University of Mary Washington, an analyst at The National Interest, expressed the opinion that the conflict in Ukraine will not lead to a third World War. The expert compared the current situation with the period of the First and Second World Wars and found reason for optimism. According to him, in the XX century, the growing perception of the threat pushed the United States to participate in the conflict.

The only thing that overcame the reluctance of politicians to pay the costs associated with entering the war is the growing understanding that imperial Germany and Nazi Germany posed a threat to the interests of the United Statesjason V. Davidsonanalyst of The National Interest “They want to win” The United States is spending billions on military aid to Ukraine.

Why is America getting involved in a conflict with Russia?On June 13, 2022, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, in turn, said that the imposed Western “rules-based order” presupposes a racist division of the world into the exceptional and the rest.

According to him, Moscow rejects “the neocolonial ‘rules-based’ order imposed by the collective West led by the United States.”

The Foreign Minister also recalled that Russia continues to pursue a peaceful foreign policy and promotes a unifying regional agenda. He once again noted that Russia follows the fundamental principles of international communication, which are fixed in the UN Charter.

We are consistent supporters of respect for the cultural and civilizational diversity of peoples, their right to determine their own destiny, Sergey Lavrov, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, accused American diplomats working abroad that the essence of their activities is to inflame hotbeds of tension around the world.

According to Zakharova, the first point of the action program of US diplomats is the promotion of “commercial diplomacy”, the purpose of which is the desire to maximally sever the economic ties of “their satellites” with China.