Russian scientists have found a way to determine the disposition to obesity by saliva

Izvestia: scientists from the Russian Federation have found a marker in saliva to determine the disposition to obesity Russian scientists from Siberian Federal University, together with colleagues from Krasnoyarsk State Medical University, have found a way to determine the predisposition to obesity by saliva.

They have identified a marker showing the protein composition of the biological fluid, which can be used to assess the most important processes occurring at the cellular level, Izvestia reports.

The analysis takes only 15 minutes, scientists say. According to its results, it is possible to quickly track the patient’s tendency to gain excess weight and take action.

The marker shows the balance between anti- and pro-oxidants, that is, various molecules reacting to oxidative processes in tissues. This is the most important characteristic of the body, which immediately affects the protein composition of saliva, it speaks about the possibilities of adaptation to stress and adverse conditions.

Marina Kopytko, a nutritionist, head of the department of the Revital clinic, called the study of Russian scientists very promising, since doctors are always interested in developing diagnostic methods that do not require blood sampling. She clarified that it is not yet possible to use a biomarker in medical practice, since it is under study.

Previously, Yale University scientists have demonstrated that moderate calorie restriction reduces the production of SPARC protein, which reduces harmful inflammation and improves health in elderly animals.