Russians were called signs of counterfeit goods

Economist Egarmin called the signs of counterfeit goods the low price and style of the store’s website, the chairman of the National Union for Consumer Protection Alexey Egarmin warned that Russians risk buying counterfeit goods in online stores.

In an interview with Sputnik radio, he told how to avoid such purchases.

The economist explained that sellers of fakes actively use sites on the web, since it is difficult to verify its authenticity from a photo of the product. Therefore, the specialist urged Russians to pay attention to the style of the store’s website and the cost of the item. In particular, he called the low price a sign of counterfeit goods.

“Fakes are sold, as a rule, by one-day shops: a certain number of people were deceived, the domain is closed. Therefore, stores that sell fakes are usually similar to each other, as they use standard website templates,” he explained.

Egarmin also stated that the seller’s offer to pay for the goods by cash on delivery could be a sign of fraud. “Counterfeiters often use cash on delivery trading. This is such a common way of deception, when you buy a product, and they put a fake in the parcel at best, and in the worst case they can send a brick, this also happens,” he explained.

The expert urged Russians not to buy goods if they are sold in a new online store at a low price, and they are asked to pay for it by cash on delivery.