The Pentagon has expanded arms supplies to Ukraine

The Washington Post reported on the expansion of US arms supplies to Ukraine by sea Over the past few months, the Pentagon has expanded arms supplies to Kiev by sea instead of air transportation, The Washington Post reports.

The publication notes that the need to increase supplies by sea appeared due to the fact that Ukraine needs a constant influx of weapons and ammunition, and sea transport allows transporting large volumes of cargo, which is why Kiev has the opportunity to create stocks of weapons. At the same time, deliveries by sea are carried out less quickly than by air,.

“When we started providing them with howitzers, we realized that more ammunition would be needed. We were able to start using more maritime transport in order to provide this support and deliver them there, often even before they were requested,” said Stephen Patthoff, a spokesman for the US Armed Forces Transport Command.

Earlier, Ramzi Mardini, a columnist for The National Interest magazine, said that the American side had been inflating the “threat” emanating from Russia from the very beginning of the Ukrainian conflict. The Western states have a strict pro-Ukrainian information policy, he believes. Bias in the West and lies have existed since the very beginning of the conflict, the expert is sure.