In the United States, they told about Russia’s new ally in the confrontation with the United States

WSJ: Putin has found an ally for Russia to confront the United States in the person of Iranrussian President Vladimir Putin is establishing closer trade and military ties with Iran to counter Western sanctions pressure, writes Benoit Faucon, a columnist for the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

According to him, international isolation pushes Moscow to find more areas to work with allies. According to the expert, the expansion of trade and military ties between the two states is alarming in the United States. American politicians believe that cooperation will help both countries mitigate the impact of Western sanctions. They said that thanks to this, the parties will get new markets for their products.

“This is a historic challenge”Europe is losing billions and suffering from rising prices: how long will it be able to help Ukraine?July 9, 2022″In July, Iran became the world’s largest buyer of Russian wheat.

In the same month, Russia launched an Iranian satellite into space, which was a rare success for Tehran’s space program. And last week, the Iranian military conducted joint exercises with Russian forces with drones,” the observer stressed. He added that the trade turnover between Russia and Iran increased by 10 percent in 2022.

Earlier, The Washington Post journalist David Ignatius also pointed out the danger of an emerging alliance between Russia and Iran.