Azerbaijan announced the refusal of the US and French ambassadors to visit Shushi

Azerbaijan stated that the ambassadors of the United States and France refused to visit the city of Shushi, and the ambassadors of the United States and France refuse to visit the occupied Artsakh city of Shushi.

This was stated by the assistant to the President of Azerbaijan Hikmet Hajiyev, the Telegram channel “Re:public of Artsakh” reports.

According to Hajiyev, the ambassadors refuse to visit the city, despite the fact that they have been invited more than once. “This should be regarded as their non—recognition of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan,” he stressed. On January 11, the Azerbaijani military threw stones at a car with a young child inside.

The events took place near the city of Shushi, which is located in close proximity to the line of contact between the units of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic and the Azerbaijani army.

Events that can be called echoes of the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan that took place in 2020 are still taking place in Karabakh. Recently, the Azerbaijani military found an ammunition depot in Shushi, which was allegedly abandoned by Armenian servicemen while fleeing.