Robert Downey Jr. was criticized online for socks with the inscription “Russia”

Fans accused Robert Downey Jr. of supporting the conflict in Ukraine because of his socks American actor, producer and musician Robert Downey Jr. was criticized online for socks with the inscription “Russia”.

The corresponding posts appeared on Twitter.

It is known that the artist was captured during a family vacation in Saint-Tropez, France. In the posted footage, Downey appeared in a gray suit made of a shirt and shorts in a cage, which he supplemented with the mentioned wardrobe item with the name of the country.

These pictures have gone viral on Twitter. In turn, users accused the star of supporting the conflict in Ukraine. “Having seen this, Iron Man (a superhero whose role is played by Downey Jr. in the film of the same name – approx. “”) would commit suicide”, “There is hope that he simply cannot read Russian”, “He has been silent for all these months and has not even lifted a finger in support of Ukraine, and then he pulled this on himself. Resting at the resort and not steaming. He has no brains, no humanity, unfortunately…”, “What a disappointment,” they commented. At the same time, one of the fans drew attention to the fact that the coloring of Downey’s backpack is yellow-blue, which corresponds to the flag of Ukraine.

In July, it was reported that a photo of English actor Tom Holland went viral and caused controversy online because of the Z symbol on jeans. Some wondered if he meant that the actor supports a special operation in Ukraine. So, in the posted picture, the artist is depicted in a baseball cap, a white T-shirt and gray jeans. At the same time, on the right back pocket of the trousers, in the outer upper corner, users saw the corresponding letter of the Latin alphabet.