Russians were reminded to turn off household appliances before going on vacation

Director of the Guild of the Housing and Communal Services of Moskvina: household appliances should be disconnected before going on vacation, household appliances should be disconnected from the power supply before going on vacation for safety and saving on bills.

Vera Moskvina, director of the Guild of Management Companies in Housing and Communal Services, reminded the Russians about this in an interview with Vechernaya Moskva.

“I strongly recommend and urge you to turn off absolutely all appliances from sockets. There is no need to leave the washing machine or microwave. They will consume electricity, and the owner of the apartment will pay extra money,” Moskvina explained.

She also stressed that the refrigerator should not only be turned off, but also defrosted. This will avoid the possibility of a flood in the event of its shutdown during electricity surges.

Earlier, the State Duma recalled the right of residents of dilapidated and dilapidated houses to apply for recalculation of fees for “communal” during a long departure from home. Recalculation concerns all utility payments, except for heat. In addition, housing payments, such as house cleaning, contributions to the housing fund and elevator fees, will remain unchanged.