Details of the biography of the person who staged the shooting in a Moscow cafe have emerged

The shooter from the Zelenograd cafe works as a manager and recently became a father with many children, details of the biography of the man who staged the shooting in the Zelenograd cafe have emerged — he works as a manager and recently became a father with many children.

On Friday, August 26, reports MK.RU .

According to the newspaper, the suspect moved to Moscow in 2017 with his 36-year-old wife and two children. In their family, according to friends, harmony reigned. He used to live in Kemerovo and worked for a company that produced industrial scales. Then they decided to promote him and sent him to the capital, where he became the head of one of the branches of this organization. In his hometown, the shooter had a father with whom he had a warm relationship.

Former subordinates said that their boss was quite strict, kept his distance and could express himself rudely. It is also known that the person involved was very withdrawn and tried to avoid communicating with people. It is noted that when he went on business trips for work, he always kept a gun with him, although he had no obvious enemies.

In November 2021, the man decided to change his place of work and resigned from his position. He got a job as a manager in a large gas company. And more recently, a third child was born in his family.

Earlier it became known that on August 26, in a cafe during the conflict, a person involved shot at visitors with a weapon. One of them died on the spot, the other two were hospitalized with gunshot wounds. They are in serious condition.

In hot pursuit, the police established the identity of the shooter and the location, he was detained. During searches in the suspect’s apartment, a pistol and ammunition were found. A criminal case has been opened on the fact of murder and attempted murder of two people. The progress of the investigation is controlled by the metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office.