It became known about the disruption of the offensive of Ukrainian troops on Kherson

Military expert Knutov: attacks on airfields thwarted an attempt by the APU to attack Kherson Russian troops strikes on Ukrainian airfields thwarted an attempt by the APU to attack Kherson, said military expert, director of the Museum of Air Defense Forces Yuri Knutov.

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Knutov said that the talks about the preparation of the offensive of the Ukrainian forces on Kherson had grounds, pointing to the assembled military grouping and the dispersal of aircraft at airfields near the direction of the offensive.

The expert expressed the opinion that due to the work of intelligence and strikes on aviation and the military, the attempt was thwarted. “First we struck the bridgehead through Ingulets, when up to a regiment was destroyed. They still hold the bridgehead, but they have serious losses. A strike on airfields is also a preventive measure so that Ukraine cannot even simulate a counteroffensive,” Knutov added.

Earlier, Knutov spoke about the upcoming offensive of the Russian Armed Forces outside the Donbass. The specialist said that there is a slow but steady progress in the Kharkiv direction. In addition, according to him, without control over the line Kharkiv — Pavlograd — Zaporozhye — Dnepropetrovsk — Nikolaev — Odessa, the combat task will not be completed.