It became known about the superiority of the Chinese fleet over the Japanese and American

Bloomberg announced the possibility of China sinking the fleets of Japan and the United States because of Taiwan, Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan:

China’s naval forces have superiority over the fleets of Japan and the United States and are capable of sinking most of them. This became known according to the results of training games conducted by former Pentagon officials and employees of the analytical Center for Strategic and International Studies of the United States, which were reviewed by Bloomberg, RIA Novosti reports.

At the same time, analysts concluded that Taiwan would be able to fight back in the event of an attack by China, but this would cost large losses to American and Japanese troops. “In 18 of the 22 rounds of the game… Chinese missiles sank a significant part of the surface fleet of the United States and Japan and destroyed hundreds of aircraft,” the research group said in its conclusions.

The latest Chinese warning.How will the events in Ukraine affect possible military conflicts around the world?On April 6, 2022, according to former White House analyst Mark Kancian, in the first four weeks of a potential conflict, China is capable of destroying 900 US fighter jets or attack aircraft, which is half of the fleet of the US Navy and Air Force.

In addition, the Chinese army is capable of completely destroying the Navy and half of Taiwan’s aviation.

However, in the battles with the allied forces, the Chinese fleet will also suffer heavy losses in the form of 150 sunk ships. However, researchers call even these hypotheses the least negative for Washington.

Earlier, Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said that the visit of the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the US Congress Nancy Pelosi to the island was only a “pretext” for China to conduct large-scale military exercises near its maritime borders. According to the Foreign Minister, behind these maneuvers is Beijing’s intention to “change the status quo in the Taiwan Strait and in the entire region.”