Taiwan announced the crossing of the border line by 16 Chinese fighters

The Ministry of Defense of Taiwan stated that 16 Chinese fighters crossed the border line into the Strait, the Ministry of Defense of Taiwan stated that on August 9, 16 Chinese army fighters crossed the dividing line in the Taiwan Strait.

The message is cited by Reuters.

It is noted that they flew over the border line in the northern part of the strait.

A Reuters source notes that the “confrontation” around the demarcation line continues, involving about ten warships from China and Taiwan. “China continues to try to get closer to the line, the Taiwanese forces are trying to keep international waterways open,” he added. On August 7, the Chinese authorities announced that they would regularly conduct exercises in the Taiwan Strait.

China intends to conduct its exercises on a regular basis to the east of the conditional border line in the Strait.

On August 2, Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force fighters also flew over the line dividing the Taiwan Strait.