Three Palestinians killed during Israeli military operation

CNN: Three Palestinians were killed during the Israeli operation in the West Bank of the Jordanabout the Israeli military operation against militants in the West Bank of the Jordan River, three Palestinians were killed, writes CNN with reference to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

During the operation, the Israeli military surrounded a building in the city of Nablus, after which they fired rockets at it. As a result of the clashes, three people were killed and about 40 were injured. It is noted that among the dead is Ibrahim Al—Nabulsi, who was the “obvious target” of the Israeli raid. According to the TV channel, Israel accused him of involvement in a series of recent shooting attacks on Israelis in the West Bank.

The other two men were representatives of the Palestinian Ministry of Health. In a statement by the Palestinian People’s Resistance Committees (PRC), the death of the three men was called a “heroic act of resistance.”

On August 7, it became known about the truce between Israel and Palestine. At first, Israel agreed to a truce, which was proposed by Egyptian mediators. Later, Palestine also agreed to the truce.

According to political scientist Ivan Konovalov, the conflict between Israel and Palestine has long lost its beneficiaries. The struggle between the two named countries will continue until clear borders are established between them, sealed by international treaties. However, the development of such a scenario is not expected in the near future, the expert concluded.