The UN has accused ISIS of trying to use the situation in Ukraine for attacks in Europe

UN Deputy Secretary General: IS terrorists are trying to use the situation in Ukraine for attacks in Europe, the terrorists of the Islamic State group (IS, recognized as a terrorist and banned in Russia) are calling on supporters to organize attacks in Europe using the situation in Ukraine.

Vladimir Voronkov, Deputy Secretary General of the UN, head of the Counter-Terrorism Directorate, caught the militants in this, reports TASS.

“Although the active presence of [extremists] and their activities are observed mainly in societies affected by violent conflicts, IS and its associated terrorists also seek to incite attacks in non—conflict areas in order to sow fear and project force,” the deputy Secretary concluded. He added that IS terrorists are trying to use the weakening of coronavirus restrictions and the Ukrainian conflict for their own purposes.

Earlier, the special representative of the President of Russia for Afghanistan, Director of the second Asia Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry Zamir Kabulov noted that after the Taliban movement (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation) seized power in Afghanistan, the number of IS militants in the country increased. According to him, up to six thousand members of the group are stationed on Afghan territory today.