The United States announced Washington’s plans to divert Russia’s attention from Ukraine

Ex-US intelligence officer Ritter: Washington is diverting Russia’s attention from Ukraine to other regions, they are trying to ignite as many conflicts in different regions as possible in order to shift Russia’s attention from the situation in Ukraine.

This was stated by former American intelligence officer and weapons inspector Scott Ritter on the YouTube channel.

According to the ex-military, Washington is aware that the Ukrainian crisis is not developing according to the original scenario, and therefore they are forced to “create chaos” in other potentially explosive points in Europe — for example, in Kosovo. The task of the United States is to complicate the Russian special operation, which, if the geopolitical situation changes, will be forced to adjust its plans.

“All this proves once again that the American authorities do not think at all about peace and stability in Europe, they are only interested in getting cheap political points,” he concluded.

Earlier, Scott Ritter said that US President Joe Biden could influence his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky. According to him, the supply of weapons to Ukraine is a huge lever of pressure on Kiev. “This can be stopped today if President Biden picks up the phone and calls Zelensky,” the ex—intelligence officer expressed his opinion.