A nine-year-old girl was shot dead in Liverpool

Independent: An unknown person shot a nine-year-old girl in Liverpool A well-known killer shot a nine-year-old girl in the English city of Liverpool.

This is reported by the Independent with reference to the press service of the Merseyside County Police.

The crime occurred on the evening of August 22, in a house on Kingsheath Avenue. The police arrived at the scene and found a girl, a man and a woman in serious condition. The child died in intensive care, but the adults survived and are now being helped.

It is not known for what purpose the criminal entered the house and who the victims were. Police are now searching for the killer, checking street surveillance cameras near the crime scene, fingerprints found in the house and interviewing neighbors on Kingsheath Avenue.

On June 6, in the Chinese city of Harbin, a man with a knife killed two women and a child of seven or eight years old. According to the police, the criminal was arrested. Law enforcement officers reported that the reason for the attack was a domestic quarrel. A criminal case has been opened against the 30-year-old killer.