Frigate TOPH and Ka-27 destroyed the submarine “enemy” in the Sea of Japan

Frigate “Marshal Shaposhnikov”. Archive photo

VLADIVOSTOK, 23 Aug – RIA Novosti. The crew of the frigate “Marshal Shaposhnikov” of the Pacific fleet (TOF) in the framework of the exercise in the sea of Japan, along with two helicopters Ka-27PL naval aviation found and “destroyed” the submarine of the conditional opponent, according to Toph.

The terms of exercise, it became known that near Peter the Great Bay may be an unidentified submarine. The crew of the frigate came in the designated area and conducted a search of the submarine with the standard means and two deck helicopters Ka-27 ASW modification of the naval aviation fleet.

“As a result of the search helicopters with the use of sonar was able to quickly detect underwater object and monitor its movement. The crews of the frigates “Marshal Shaposhnikov” led anti-submarine weapon in readiness for use and are conventionally worked for the destruction of the underwater “intruder” depth charges from jet-bombonato installing RBU-6000″, – stated in the message.

The exercises were held in one of the sea areas according to the plan of combat training of the fleet.