British police began to prepare for a winter increase in crime due to the crisis

The Times: British police are preparing for an increase in crime due to the energy crisis

The UK police are developing an action plan in case of a significant increase in crime, which, according to the authorities, may happen in winter due to the energy crisis. This is reported by The Times with reference to the documents at the disposal of the publication.

According to the publication, police predict an increase in robberies, shoplifting, involvement in criminal communities, carjackings, fraud and domestic violence.

At the same time, the parliament is convinced that if Liz Truss comes to power, the crisis will be avoided. An unnamed source in the UK parliament said that the Highways are expected to adopt a package of measures to support the population.

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If the measures taken are not enough, the interlocutors of The Times predict mass riots comparable to the events in 2011, when tens of thousands of Britons took to the streets of cities and began to smash shops and set fire to cars. In 2011, there were so many detainees that the police ran out of places in the cells.

Earlier, British Foreign Minister and candidate for the post of Prime Minister Liz Truss said that if elected to the post of prime Minister of the country, she would present a plan to combat rising electricity prices during the first week of her new position.

Energy analyst from the Danish company Green Power Christian Rune Poulsen said about the aggravation of the gas war. According to the expert, the price of gas in Europe was already too high, but in a short time there was another jump, which brings the cost of energy resources to record levels in history.