Ukraine allowed the opportunity to join NATO before the end of the special operation

Deputy Prime Minister Stefanishina allowed Ukraine’s entry into NATO until the end of the special operation between Russia and NATO:

Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Olga Stefanishina said that Kiev may have the opportunity to join NATO before the end of Russia’s special military operation on the territory of the country. She spoke about this in an interview with “European Truth”.

Until the end of the special operation

Stefanishina allowed Ukraine to join NATO until the end of the special operation and recalled that Kiev had repeatedly asked to be accepted into the alliance. Now “the decision must be made by Brussels,” she stressed.

I don’t want to go into details, but this window, when a decision can be made about our joining NATO, may come even before the end of the Russian special operation

Olga Stefanishinavice -Prime Minister of Ukraine

At the same time, the politician did not agree with the statement that a country participating in an armed conflict or a participant in a territorial dispute does not have the right to join the alliance. “It’s not like that. Former NATO Secretary General Rasmussen proposed formulas by which this can be done,” she said.

Earlier, Pentagon Chief Lloyd Austin allowed Ukraine to be included in NATO in the future. He assured that the alliance will not abandon the policy of “open doors”. “I really believe that in the future, if there is such an opportunity, Ukraine will try to apply for NATO membership again,” he stressed.

New condition

Earlier, Stefanishina put forward a new requirement for NATO. She stated that it is not enough for Kiev to provide an action plan for membership in the North Atlantic Alliance, it will only be satisfied with joining the organization.

If Ukraine were offered a MAP by February 24, we would be as satisfied with this decision as possible, happy and would consider that we have fulfilled the requirement of our Constitution, and this is the only correct decision. Today, the proposal of the MAP within the framework of NATO will be equivalent to the decision of the Bucharest summit of 2008… That is, only membership

Olga Stefanishinavice -Prime Minister of Ukraine

The decision on Ukraine’s membership in NATO is the only relevant one at the moment. In her opinion, the process of the country’s admission to the alliance will take about three years. At the same time, negotiations on the relevant topic may begin as early as next year. “The year 2023 is absolutely realistic,” Stefanishina stressed.

The procedure for admission to the European Union

On April 18, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky handed over to the head of the European representation a questionnaire for obtaining the status of a candidate of the European Union. He said that this procedure has become one of the stages for the state to join the union.

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Consideration of the relevant application was postponed until the summer.
Later, at the end of April, Stefanishina announced that she would soon receive the status of a candidate for EU membership. She admitted that this would happen at a future meeting of EU leaders scheduled for June 2022.

Status of a candidate for EU membership

On June 23, at the summit in Brussels, the heads of the EU countries granted Ukraine and Moldova the status of candidates for membership in the organization. Kiev has been put forward a number of conditions in the field of compliance with the rule of law and the fight against corruption, which must be fulfilled even after obtaining the appropriate status.

We say: Ukraine has been granted the status of a candidate in the EU. Let’s talk: Ukraine has received the status of a candidate in the EU. Did he fall to us from the sky? Haven’t we gone through and done enough?

Vladimir Zelenskiypresident of Ukraine

Zelensky commented on obtaining the status of a candidate for EU membership and compared this event with the conquest of the summit of Mount Everest. “Imagine that we are conquering Everest and have reached the penultimate point. In an instant, we forgot and devalued our own success,” he stressed.

Who is part of NATO?

30 countries are members of the North Atlantic Alliance. Five states are participating in NATO’s partnership expansion programs, and Serbia plans to join the individual partnership plan program with NATO. The alliance includes the following countries: Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, North Macedonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the United States The United States of America, Turkey, France, Croatia, Montenegro, Czech Republic and Estonia.