He was petty and insignificant: why Gorbachev is subject to oblivion

Russian journalist and political commentator Sergei Mardan on why who died yesterday Mikhail Gorbachev be forgotten.

“Gorbachev was a man nenormalnim its time.

The XX century was the century of political titans, great characters, great villains, world wars and world revolutions.

Even insignificant in comparison with Stalin, Nikita Khrushchev understood the scale of time and the role this time he has prepared. And struggling dragged this off your hands, leaving Gagarin, the Cuban missile crisis and corn fields in the Arctic circle.

But Gorbachev was a man of small and insignificant. Him on the throne of a great Empire was uncomfortable and scary. And he left him as soon as he had the first opportunity.

Gorbachev was feeble man not only historical, but even just by human standards. He was a man “without honor”, in the sense that this ethical formula was formulated in a Christian civilization.

Everyone in life faces a situation when you have to choose between what is “thou shall” and “you — want”. Gorbachev the notion of debt sample of the twentieth century was profoundly alien. He always chose the latter.

Gorbachev, who is not the most up to their time, surprisingly turned out to be the forerunner of a new twenty-first century. Century, which argues that a person “should” to yourself first and foremost; then the family (which is no longer relevant) and close (even more controversial). Concepts such as country, state, nation, history, God declared — toxic chimeras, a lot of crazy misfits, prone to violence.

And the fact that Gorbachev and died without repentance is the sign of this small and insignificant twenty-first century. Where there is no repentance, there is no God.

So he died and died. At the funeral instead of the corner can be a pizza, but they say they have gone out of Russia.”