The authorities of Kherson denied Zelensky’s words about the APU offensive

The actual occurrence of the Ukrainian troops in the Kherson region no, it’s pointless, but the enemy launched a massive bombardment of the region, said the Deputy head of administration of region Cyril Stremousov.

“Fired well Kherson oblast, announced some offensive, which requires them West, but the ukronatsistov carry out these actions targeting of peaceful Kherson region… there is No promotion, is hysteria at the level of fakes.

The West is demanding concrete action, and Zelensky is unable to do something, so fire at civilians. No attacks no longer exists. This is all the hysteria that is not true,” — said RIA Novosti Stremousov, commenting on the Ukrainian side about the beginning of the offensive in the South.

According to him, any attempt of the Ukrainian troops in the Kherson region meaningless.

“It’s all useless and meaningless, so they strike directly at civilians,” said Stremousov.

During the RAID, the Russian military took control of the Kherson region and Azov part of the Zaporozhye region, occupying the major cities such as Kherson, Melitopol, Berdyansk, Ukraine, and cut off from the sea of Azov. In both regions formed the new administration, is the broadcasting of Russian TV channels and radio stations are restored trade and transport links with the Crimea. The regions have announced plans to join Russia.

In addition, eight years later, unlocked the North Crimean canal, the water flows back to the Peninsula.