“The Ukrainian Armed Forces are suffering the most severe losses”: The Head of the Crimea commented on the “offensive” of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on Kherson

APUS are the most severe losses in the South, and in all other areas, said the head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksenov, calling the attack of the enemy on the South by fake.

“Another fake Ukrainian propaganda that readily caught in the West: the Ukrainian militants allegedly launched an offensive in the South.

This is the same information the stuffing, like all previous ones, as the virtual “attack” the Crimean bridge, which coaches forces of the Kiev regime has been held time and again,” he said.

The politician stressed that the formation of Ukrainian are the most severe losses in the South and all other directions.

“But Western masters must demonstrate the activity, so a gang of drug addicts and criminals doing what she does best: simulations and design of fakes. And people who are thrown to certain death for the sake of the information effect, the drug is not a pity”, — said Aksenov.