The alleged accomplice of the murderer Dugina graduated from the military lyceum

A citizen of Ukraine Bogdan Tsyganenko, which prepared the murder of Gugino. Archive photo

The alleged accomplice to murder journalist and political analyst Darya Gugino Bogdan Tsyganenko at the time he graduated from the military school in Donetsk, and the last time was unemployed, told RIA Novosti his relatives.

Earlier on Monday, the Center of public relations of the FSB of Russia reported that a citizen of Ukraine Tsyganenko prepared the murder of Dugino together with Natalia Vovk, another party to the terrorist group.

“After the eighth grade, he graduated from the military high school… instead of the grades 9-10. Then in the Academy of management studied here in Donetsk,” said aunt suspect Larissa.

According to her, Tsyganenko also engaged in the business “somewhere that someone for a ride”. The last time he worked and lived at the expense of the mother, said the Agency interlocutor.

Journalist and political analyst Daria Dugin was killed on the evening of August 20, in a car bombing on Mozhaisk highway, Odintsovo district of Moscow region. Federal security service of Russia said on 22 August that the murder of Dugino are Ukrainian security services, the contractor is the citizen of Ukraine Natalia Vovk, who arrived in Russia with his daughter on July 23. According to the FSB, after controlled blasting machines singer of the murder and her daughter went to Estonia by the Pskov region.”Dad, I feel like a warrior.” Parting with Daria Gugino