The doctor commented on the popular trend for reusable toilet paper

Doctor Dubinin said that reusable toilet paper threatens infectious diseases The use of reusable tissue toilet paper threatens the spread of infectious diseases, warned sanitary doctor, hygienist-epidemiologist Nikolai Dubinin.

He told about the danger of the hygiene product gaining popularity in an interview with Lenta.“, commenting on the new trend.

He compared toilet paper to disposable masks. “With toilet paper — as with medical masks. They should be available so that it would not be a pity to throw them away,” the doctor said.

In addition, Dubinin noted, both reusable paper and reusable masks require an appropriate disinfection regime — you need to have a bucket with a disinfectant solution. “This rag is soaked in it. Then it is washed in the washing machine separately from the laundry. Then the tank of the car is treated with a disinfectant,” Dubinin explained.

According to the doctor, the environmental friendliness of using reusable toilet paper can be questioned. “Toilet paper is biodegradable. From an environmental point of view, the benefits of abandoning paper are not obvious, and the risks of the spread of infectious diseases are excessive,” he concluded.

“American oncologists were amazed by what they saw”the USSR made a revolution in the fight against cancer. Why did the system built by the Union collapse?On March 31, 2021, the Internet suggested using a bidet as an alternative to reusable toilet paper, which is gaining popularity.

Ecotrend has caused controversy on the Internet: according to Twitter users, such an approach is unhygienic. Nevertheless, all stocks of reusable toilet paper were quickly sold out.