The West was predicted an uncontested loss in Ukraine

National Interest: The West has no chance to emerge victorious from the conflict in Ukraine, the West is doomed to an uncontested loss in the conflict in Ukraine.

Columnist Ramzi Mardini wrote about this in an article for The National Interest.

According to him, the situation of the Ukrainian troops is becoming even more disappointing, but Western countries do not intend to change their approach to a more diplomatic one. “In any case, the West is not winning the war. A decisive victory in Ukraine is worth neither the risks nor the costs of achieving it,” the author of the material pointed out. Mardini noted that with any settlement option, it would be very problematic to reject the conditions of Russia, “whose determination is likely to break through the thin shell of Western unity.”

The Belarusian national battalion has appeared as part of the AFU.Who joins it and why? On August 19, 2022 At the same time, the bilateral agreement between Moscow and Kiev is not capable of creating a lasting peace, the journalist claims.

In his opinion, the conflict cannot be simplified to a territorial dispute between neighbors, because the root of instability is still the current NATO commitment to include Ukraine in its composition.

The beneficiaries of the conflict in Ukraine, Mikhail Neizhmakov, a leading analyst at the Russian Agency for Political and Economic Communications, accused US President Joe Biden of wanting to extract his own benefits from helping Kiev.

He said that the American leader is not thinking at all about the well-being of the Ukrainian people, and his administration has its own, including domestic political motives. So, sending a new package of assistance to Ukraine does not imply the supply of weapons from existing orders, but involves the formation of orders for its manufacture for the American defense industry. According to the expert, the Democratic Party, against the background of the economic crisis in the United States on the eve of the midterm congressional elections, can use the argument that helping Kiev means creating new jobs for the population.

“Ukraine is being cynically used”When will Russia start negotiations with Kiev and how does it see the future of the Ukrainian people?On July 30, 2022, in turn, former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard accused Biden of treason because of Washington’s help to Kiev.

According to the politician, the American leader was repeatedly asked questions about the ultimate goal of helping Ukraine, but the White House does not give a clear answer about Washington’s benefits. Gabbard concluded that the President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, has a strong influence on the decision-making of the American side. “The transfer of our sovereignty to the president of another country — what is it, if not treason,” she said.

There is a split among Ukraine’s aides, political scientist Mark Katz warned that European countries will not be able to continue to support Ukraine if the United States reduces its contribution.

He said that the most important issue for Ukraine is how long Western countries will help it, but due to the reduction in gas supplies from Russia, the EU economy is already showing a decline, and if the situation worsens, European residents may begin to pay attention to parties that insist on concessions regarding Russia.

Sound the alarm.Russian gas supplies via the Nord Stream continue to decline. How can Europe survive the winter?July 28, 2022 “The United States, of course, can continue to provide assistance to Ukraine, but it will be harder to do this without the assistance of at least some Western countries.

On the other hand, if American aid to Ukraine is sharply reduced or stopped, it is doubtful that European countries could or would independently support Ukraine against Russia,” he stressed.

Almost simultaneously, a source in the British Ministry of Defense predicted that financial support for the fighting in Ukraine from the UK will cease by the end of the year. “Britain is running out of weapons that it can give to Ukraine. The reality is this… that the financial contribution of the United Kingdom will dry up,” he said. According to the source, the new prime minister of the country will have to decide whether to spend “billions of pounds” on supporting Kiev, while Britain is facing a crisis.

Bundeswehr spokeswoman Kristina Lambrecht also made a pessimistic statement for Ukraine on August 23. She complained that the constant transfer of weapons to Kiev has already led to the fact that the warehouses of the German Armed Forces began to empty. “We have reached the permissible limit,” she said, warning that the German army could not be weakened any further.