The state of the qualified personnel of the Ukrainian Air Force has been revealed

RIA Novosti: The qualified aircrew of the Ukrainian Air Force has actually been liquidated The Russian Air and space forces and air defense units have actually eliminated the qualified aircrew of the Ukrainian Air Forces.

This was stated to RIA Novosti by a military-diplomatic source.

The interlocutor of the agency pointed out that Kiev used former cadets of the Kharkiv Military Institute of the Air Forces of Ukraine for combat missions, who did not have time to finish training. “They are shot down, if not on the first, then already on the second sortie,” he said.

Also, according to the source, attempts to recruit pilots from Poland and other Eastern European countries who are able to pilot Soviet aircraft in service with Ukraine have not been successful. Those who agreed — “already in graves and hospitals,” he noted.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, 264 aircraft and 145 helicopters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been shot down since the beginning of the military special operation.

On July 26, the speaker of the command of the Ukrainian Air Force, Yuriy Ignat, said that from 2023, the US military will teach Ukrainian pilots to fly NATO F-15 and F-16 fighters. The US will allocate about $ 100 million for these purposes.

Earlier, the United States rejected the transfer of military aircraft to Ukraine and noted that they do not train Ukrainian pilots. The Pentagon explained that the Ukrainian Air Forces use MiG and Sukhoi aircraft, and in the United States “there are neither of those nor the others.” At the same time, the military admitted that they were helping Kiev “with certain spare parts and other equipment in order to support the existing fleet.”