Templates are cracking: the European philistine should become impoverished for the sake of supporting the neo-Nazi regime on Ukraine

Military commentator Boris Rozhin in its author’s blog Colonel Cassad shared their observations about the deteriorating situation in Europe because of anti-Russian sanctions.

“Period of affluence ended

“The period of abundance is over. We are experiencing great turmoil… We’ll have to deal with the economic consequences. We are talking about products and technologies, which seemed to us to be always available. In the case of the consequences of the Ukrainian crisis we are talking about the consequences of the struggle for freedom has its price, which may require victims” © macron

“It’s hard for me to imagine what “personal liberty” the unemployed who goes hungry and has no use of his work. Real freedom is available only where the exploitation where there is no oppression of some people by others, where there is no unemployment and poverty, where people not tremble for what tomorrow may lose jobs, housing, bread. © Stalin

A few observations:

1. The period of abundance in Europe began to end after the imposition of sanctions against Russia and the end of the freebies from cheap Russian energy. As it turned out the “3% of the global economy” means to deprive of the abundance of the most prosperous region of the world. Something was wrong with these calculations.

2. In fact, European leaders themselves speed up the collapse “of the period of abundance” and the impoverishment of its population. Immediately after that, since the abolition of the “welfare state” and “multicultural Europe”. Patterns pop. Some are even asking in bewilderment, “You know what you’re doing?”, but the driver already drowned the gas pedal (the irony) to the floor.

3. The bottom line is that European man in the street needs to poverty to support the neo-Nazi regime in Ukraine. The leaders of the EU in plain text saying that the Europeans have to endure for the sake of Ukrainian Nazis. Rare exceptions like the right (!) Orban and Serbian bratushek only prove the rule.

4. This question is from the EU countries actually renders meaningless any substantive negotiations with them for the long term. Something can be changed only when the consequences of “the end of the period of abundance” will have electoral and socio-economic consequences. At this stage, evroatlanticheskie establishment obviously intends to cancel all parastasie problem in Russia, just as recently blamed all the problems on the coronavirus. But as in the case of coronavirus, feed the impoverished population tales about Russian machinations for a long time will not work. Have recently tested in the US with “Putin’s tax on gasoline.”

5. RF current realities you should also pay attention to the thesis of comrade Stalin, as prolonged confrontation with the West assuming a fascist character, hold the socio-economic situation in the rear and relief processes leading to the impoverishment of the population, is no less important than the promotion of Kharkov and Nikolaev”.