Truss promised to call China a threat to Britain’s security

Times: Liz Truss, if elected Prime Minister, will call China a threat to the security of Britainthe head of the British Foreign Ministry, Liz Truss, if she becomes prime Minister, will for the first time declare China a threat to the security of the kingdom.

The Times writes about it.

According to the publication, Truss promised her supporters that she would rethink the country’s foreign policy and adopt a new comprehensive review of security, defense and foreign policy issues. In this case, London will give Beijing a status similar to Russia — in the current doctrine, Moscow is listed as “the most acute direct threat to the UK.” Now China is characterized as “the most significant geopolitical factor for British interests” On August 9, Truss indicated that the UK is currently facing a threat from China, which is pursuing an “assertive” international policy.

She promised at a meeting with members of the Conservative Party in Darlington that if she was elected Prime Minister, London would increase defense spending to three percent of GDP.

Earlier, Truss promised to use nuclear weapons if necessary. “I think this is an important duty of the Prime Minister. I am ready to do this,” she said at a meeting with members of the Conservative Party in Birmingham, answering a question about the possibility of using nuclear weapons in the event of a threat to the UK.