How Kiev is engaged in nuclear blackmail

Dejected by the fact that the residents of the left Bank South — torn Ukraine to Russia (and not in Europe, where they have to be “white masters” at the Beck and call), Kiev is ready to use any means to punish the disobedient.

If you leave behind a scorched the nuclear fire of the desert — very good talk on the banks of the Dnieper. And if we try to shift the blame on Russia — and even better.

The first act of the upcoming drama was played in Kiev on 25 August, when a strike APU has led to the shutdown of two reactors of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant.

From a technical point of view, the rehearsal of the Apocalypse is as follows: Ukrainian military shelling of power lines in the area of nuclear power plant led to the fire in the protected zone, the fire triggered circuit transmission lines tripped relay emergency protection ZNPP, which turned off the power units (praise the creators of the Soviet nuclear power plant!)

As a consequence — without electricity, and somewhere without water, were Zaporiz’ka oblast, as well as neighbors in Kherson. Only in the evening experts, you’re all set and connected ZNPP again.

This is the first such serious consequences Ukrainian attacks on ZNPP. And it was these attacks in the last week or two a lot. Remember: August 22, drone APU attacked laboratory building No. 2, ZNPP, 20 Aug APU opened fire at the plant of the American howitzers, 18 Aug shooting with heavy artillery as many as seven times, August 17, was beaten to Energodar loitering munitions, 15 Aug APU released by the city 30 rounds of 152-mm guns, 14 Aug beat from M777 howitzers. It is not a chronicle of nuclear terrorism in the execution of Kiev?

In these circumstances, the statement of the Council of the state Duma about the threat of ZNPP, caused by shelling by the APU, appeared just in time. The parliamentarians called on the UN, IAEA, national parliaments and inter-parliamentary organizations to assess the criminal actions of Kiev, and demand that the Ukrainian authorities to immediately stop attacks ZNPP, the destruction of which carries a danger of radioactive, chemical and biological contamination and man-made disasters. And the Ukrainians gave to understand that the chiefs run them and what are their country.

The Duma Council rightly pointed out in the root of the problem — partners and accomplices of the crime that’s been committed, be the countries of the West, supplying Ukraine with increasingly heavy weapons.

While everyone rests exclusively on the Russian military, who perform their duty, protecting the world from disaster.

Systematically to solve the problem, believe MPs should IAEA international mission specialists that will be able to adequately assess existing threats. Russia, in turn, agrees to provide the mission with the necessary assistance.

Parliament for the holidays, but the faction leaders truly understand that now is not the time to rest, and came together to try to prevent the worst.

The solidarity of all five parties, it is equally important political result of the event. Seizing the opportunity, their leaders were broader than the issue of Zaporizhzhya. It was about a military-political aspects of SVO.

The tone was set by the head of the state Duma Committee on international Affairs and the LDPR leader Leonid Slutsky.

“The Kiev regime has crossed all possible red lines,” stated the politician. His colleagues, in their own way, launched a thesis.

So, Gennady Zyuganov (he was the initiator of the Council of the state Duma) pointed to the shadow puppeteers: the attacks are carried out with the Americans that Washington gave to the world unprecedented in the history of mankind nuclear blackmail. And called to “do everything to triple our efforts on the military front.”

SRHR leader Sergei Mironov told that his faction appealed to the government to recognize Ukraine as a “terrorist state”.

Andrei Nechayev of “New people” said that the attacks ZNPP — a sign of desperation strategic Kiev. The statement will be sent to the recipients in the near future, promised the Deputy head of the faction “United Russia” Dmitry Vyatkin.

Anyway, the normalization of the situation around ZNPP can only occur in the case of the visit of the IAEA. Intensification of contacts of all stakeholders has led to the fact that with high probability the visit of specialists will take place in the coming days. In the IAEA hope to have time until September 5. First Deputy permanent representative of Russia to the UN Dmitry Polyanskiy said even on the last days of August. UN Secretary-General antónio Guterres also urges: disable ZNPP demonstrates that it can’t wait.

What, then, is the mission. The head of the IAEA, Rafael Grossi has said that the trip can begin a continuous presence of its experts at the station. In this case, to continue to fire ZNPP Zelensky will be difficult.

That’s only if the primary impetus of the Kiev regime is Russophobia (to screw Russian, Moscow at any cost), then decide whether the problem of nuclear blackmail a more attentive look closely for ZNPP? “What’s to stop

Zelensky to fire at other nuclear power plants, still under the control of Ukraine, South Ukraine, Rivne and Khmelnytsky? — rhetorically asks the ex-speaker of the Parliament of new Russia Oleg Tsarev. — To blame the attacks on Russia in this case, it is easier plausible, and all the bonuses for Zelensky — the same”.

But he knows Kyiv audience like no other.

Sergey Aksenov