About the deadly harm of gadgets

Summer gives way to autumn. Many of us, no matter how much we are worth, myself the question, for decades known as the subject of the first academic year, essay how I spent my summer? And many of those who honestly says: with a gadget in his hands.

I have heard of thinking of people about how they allow the gadgets to steal from them a lot of time. And in summer, the situation has not changed. We are accustomed to with gadgets not to leave.

The phone with us everywhere. We are always in touch. Respond to messages in numerous chats, letter by email. Viewed endless photos in social networks. Write something yourself.

Sometimes something really requires a quick response, fast response. And sometimes could wait, but we’ve learned that communication needs to be fast, and again, and again looking at the screen.

Look and when objectively there is no reason for the hundredth time flipping tape some events or react immediately to sent someone a funny picture, another funny picture.

And here we were on vacation. Vacation or weekend. New favorite place or where we are willing to return again and again. Maybe the monastery, where they’ve been going on a pilgrimage. Or cozy street in the village where he spent his childhood. The shore of a lake or river near the family home. Forest trail, meadow strewn with variety of colors. It can be anything. But it is a place where we like to be. The situation is calm, the nature, which attracts the eye.

We have free time. And we decide to spend it at a leisurely stroll. Walk to forest lake, stroll along the river, to reach the end of the village and out in the wide field. Watch the sunset, but rather to revel in the rays of the setting sun, and it is getting lower and lower inclined to the horizon, gradually descends, blowing softly warm rays.

Watch how to change the color of the sky, what a wealth of shades gives us the sunset. Gradually, the picture changes. Like a blanket covering us is a dark and starry August night, and the soul together with king David exclaims: “Your deeds are wonderful, my God: all the wisdom hast made” (PS. 103:24).

We are glad that we can spend time admiring the surrounding structures and nature. Glad that there are urgent matters that need to redo it right now. Glad no questions, which would have required urgently addressed. There are times that we can spend in pleasure and benefit to souls.

Now we, as children, we long to see how the sunlight played on the surface of the river.

If the water is clear, let’s try even seashells on the bottom consider coming closer. We slowly come to the pond and not miss anything that is pleasing to the eye: the unusual clouds, the dome of the temple, especially beautiful in the evening sky, beautiful flowers, some birds in the sky or near the pond, which is one to consider. Yes, everything will be exactly…

Only we somehow found herself with phone in hand. We’re going where have planned. Behind almost half way.

And almost all the time the way we look at the screen. Not on the cloud, not on a dome rising in the blue sky cross, not on the flowers and not the birds and the screen. How did it happen?

Maybe a cloud in the beginning we thought was especially beautiful, and we decided not just to admire, but also to photograph. And now in the hands of such a common smartphone.

Cloud photographed, you can have the phone and remove again to enjoy the summer, but came to the following idea: why not send a photo of this cloud to a few friends? While sending, we missed many interesting and beautiful in reality. But we have not before, someone of my friends have had a chance to reply and send a beautiful photo, too. And we are responsible to him. Someone sent a link to a whole page of something, as he seems to be interesting. And we clicked through and read or watch. Received a notice from social networks. We decided to see what was new there…

It could be different. We walked and admired the beautiful flowers, juicy berries in the bushes. But then the message came. We instantly looked at the screen. Nothing urgent was not, but we still read, watch, and we have other thoughts. Sent us a photo, and we just looking for something interesting to photograph and add.

Not that I would have to look and see the beauty of God’s world, namely, to take pictures and send. Unfortunately, in our days, sometimes there is a feeling that people are almost the most important to consider myself a regular posting photos on their pages and blogs. It’s like the most important thing is to show the many innocent people their lives in any desired angle. But then again, someone’s message.

And the result is the same: half-way, and maybe all the way, we looked at the screen and not on the beauty that is shown by its Creator.

We walked along the road, along the shore of a lake or river, immersed in the gadget, although there was a wonderful silence, pleasant coolness of water, clouds reflected in the water, flying blue dragonflies, even a Heron wandered nearby, too, along the shore, but on the water. We walked through the village, unaware slender bell tower of the local Church, or old houses, no artful wood carving or the new shades of Phlox: we looked at the screen.

Around was a real beauty, created and given to us by the Lord. Accentuate granted without conditions: enjoy, look, admire as much as you want, all there, all in front of you. At some point we seem to Wake up: how did it happen? We wanted a real beauty slowly to enjoy, enjoying a walk.

We were never going again “spiked” into the phone. So how is it that we almost all went through around? And not because it was really something urgent and important that demanded our immersion in the gadget. We don’t even remember what it reacted that was.

We let the gadget to steal from us, spiritual inspiration from the contemplation of the outside world. And not a gadget, of course, is to blame, but ourselves, the attitude of our soul, our attachment to it.

We are so immersed in the bustle of this world that they see the beautiful that surrounds us, we do not see the Creator who created all of this and gave us life. Even being surrounded by nature, we tend to return to a familiar environment. We’re not ready to see God and, through the contemplation of the surrounding beauty, the soul to touch Him.

And now that summer is almost gone, we can look at his eyes and honestly say to yourself: how much time this beautiful summer how many impressions stole our gadgets. And if to speak more precisely, how many opportunities we’ve lost, to feel that God is with us and cares for us.

And involuntarily come to mind the words of the prophet David: “When I consider Thy heavens, the work of Thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which Thou hast ordained, what is man, that Thou art mindful of him? and the son of man that You visit him?” (PS. 8: 4-5)

Of course, the gadgets are stealing so much from us, and most importantly, being fond of them we forget about God.

Metropolitan Kliment of Kaluga and Borovsk