Poles without coal from Russia remembered the times of communism

A man collects the coal from the mine dump. Archive photo

Ban the import of coal from Russia forced the poles to remember the Communist era, reports Reuters.

In Lublin before mine Lubelski Wegiel Bogdanka lined up dozens of vehicles of local residents. The expectation, according to the publication, may take many hours or even days.”It is beyond imagination. I remember the days of communism, but I never thought that we can go back to something worse”, – quotes Agency the words of one of standing in the queue.

Poland in April introduced a ban on coal imports from Russia, which drastically affected the availability of coal in the market and its price. The cost of a ton of coal from private suppliers reaches three thousand PLN (about $ 640). The Ministry of climate and environment of Poland in this situation at the beginning of July cancelled 60 days of the requirements for the quality of coal used for heating.

Former Deputy Prime Minister and former Minister of economy of the Republic Janusz Piechocinski, in turn, warned that Poland expects “dear winter” from the point of view of cost of coal. However, he noted that the substantial decline in coal production in the country.

Earlier, the Polish fuel concern PKN ORLEN has predicted a three-fold increase in the price of natural gas by the end of 2022. Also, the company expects the growth in electricity prices by 2.6 times.

With the beginning of the Russian RAID on demilitarization and de-Nazification of Ukraine the West intensified sanctions pressure on Moscow. Many countries announced the freezing of Russian assets became louder sound the call for the renunciation of its energy from Russia. These efforts have resulted in challenges for Europe and the United States, triggering a rise in prices for food and fuel.