The semantic desert of the West and the prospect of a nuclear apocalypse

On my table, as one famous character, is a Chinese statue of the three monkeys crafty. Remember — “see no, hear no, not tell.” But she is causing my Association not only with the illusion of intelligence, but with the reality of geopolitics.

But the reality is that the particular chance in the world will get that country or territory, which will cast a “monkey tricks”. That is, either to speak or unclenches eyes or ears open.

Let me explain.

Was very surprised by the overall reaction to the shelling of the APU Zaporizhia nuclear power plant.

Europe is actually silent, like a mouthful of water. The Ukrainian government is strongly pretends that he doesn’t see the obvious facts. Even our high ranks are not particularly anxious to hear the whisper of experts. And at stake — the fate of the world.

Just any “gadskih” isotopes in the vault of the largest continental stations will be enough to mess with vast expanses. After almost fifty containers with radioactive waste until removed. And these tall boxes of American manufacturing is not the most blast-resistant design.

I still remember the Chernobyl fears. How drank at work boxes red wine — “strontium”. As panic took the kids in a “safe zone”. As heroes of liquidators who worked at the site of the disaster.

Gone, perhaps, these radiation phobia? Or all men became totally braver? This is unlikely. Here is probably “both.” But what?

Remember perestroika film about a group of “partisans” of the reserve officers called up for the camp fee for the training. Them in the hustle and bustle of the exercise was lost in the vast expanses of the polygon. And one of them feared that the troops might accidentally by their disposition to casarasiri megaton missile. Laughing and the other replied that, maybe that’s not the worst end — at least get rid of the disorderly life and a meaningless existence.

She restructuring and became “the suicide of the country,” iznosila the old sense and not wykrywacze new. Had only a slim chance of “proximity to Europe.”

Probably, this “closeness” old and ruined. Infected, hike, it is a bad disease meaninglessness.

Denying and destroying the meanings of the Soviet system, Europe, or rather the entire “West” that destroyed their meanings are opposites. Political, economic, technological, and spiritual.

Today, the West — “meaning desert.” Listen to the music of the Beatles and the stones, in the film inspect Antonioni and Fellini, the literature read ham and Hesse, in the philosophy of think of Russell and Heidegger, in space not flying, and just looking at the moon… Nothing new, ground-breaking, earth-shattering.

But I want to live only when there are horizons of existence, when warm the soul of hope, when a glimmer in the heart of the faith. When they have their own country when the next family when it gets cold love, not only for myself… well, maybe let the world be served a “nuclear test”.

Well, trying, however, the former “partners” to encourage, to challenge, to resurgit hatred of Russia.

But the hate is so aphrodisiac. For zombies. The will to live is not added. I almost don’t hope for a different IAEA. It’s from a past life. And not from their current empty, lifeless, meaningless “renovation”. Don’t we hear anything from them worthwhile. And even dissolute. The West is now dumb monkey. Perhaps even dreaming about euthanasia. But would not hurt and is not noticeable. How radiation works.

Of course, affects the Ukrainian government with their carnal passion of “terrestrial pleasure”.

This is not anemic Europe lost the instinct of self-preservation. Where this kind of “passionaries” to live will be if “cover”? Although, perhaps, live on “family losing” they just don’t plan to. While permanent deployment “of the battalion of Monaco” I hope the cloud “dirt” will not come. Therefore turn a blind eye to possible future is brutal ward of the country.

But the military? Carnivorous and hefty. I think that, at least, the “lower ranks” was a heartwarming sense of “independence” of the state. Some, call my friend, “homeland dormant angels”, where all the decorum, kindly, hearty and hassle-free.

Here, incidentally, a surprise to many experts, stoicism, and even the sacrifice on the battlefield. Die with no meaning is always more attractive than being pointless. Hence the visceral hatred of everything “Russian” as a symbol of the poor living conditions, the eternal search of the essence, uncomfortable soul-searching and searing thirst tests. Threatening takeover “Ukrainian world” — smug, insulated and local.

Hence the unexpected even for the most Zelensky resistant protection wards of his regime and system, which, hike, was mounted in an authentic “blind point”.

But now, when the underlying meaning of their own national exclusiveness thinner, it remains only to sprinkle on his head radioactive ash. This is awkward. The West of Ukraine took their underlying meaning “independence” in exchange for cosmopolitan weapons. And new meanings not given. Not them! But the weapon without meaning is meaningless. Even the most long-range. They say that “a monkey with a grenade” — a terrible sight. And if she still blinked?

Eight thousand employees in Zaporizhia nuclear power plant were two that were “caused by the fire itself”. Must have closed his eyes, hearing the approach of “Hamarov” at its tip. And I thought: suppose, say, the external world will perish, once collapsed their interior. “World” the hamlet of locality and spiritual platitudes.

It’s brutal — European mute the lack of the will to live or Ukrainian blind the will to die.

One thing is clear: the West is not “bend” by Ukraine. She’s the “bend” it. It is imposed on him and his sick chimeras, and their fierce slogans, and their invented “characters”executioners, and other small belongings. Who are not afraid to die let the illusion is always stronger than the one who is afraid of real life. In the end, according to Bushido, “abdominal brain” was stronger than the brain.

That is, the cult of the eternal feast of the underground and defeated the cult of the pure Cartesian thinking and Kant’s doubts…

And Russia? She does not hear, for whom the bell tolls? Sometimes it seems that those who have ears, let them hear.

Young people these days have become much less to drink. You may have heard the rumblings of the great meanings? The same, sorry for the banal, the call of the immense space, beyond the challenges of the Arctic and the vast untapped spaces. And attract advanced technologies, victory in the clash of civilizations, finally! And all without the Soviet Puritanism, ideological pathos and self-restraint.

Drink yourself less when more. That is, any increase self-esteem, and strengthening their plans, elevation dreams always displaces “small high”. Ask the Greeks, when they began to drink.

It seems Russia is awakened. Especially because she already suggest that it is impossible to win the war, not waking up. Moreover, it could pad and awake. And not just any Russophobe Herzen with his hysterical “Bell” and her own half of young children. Dasha Platonova (alias Daria Gugino — approx. PB) Wake, Wake! For which he was executed enemies of the state.

Those who create their homeland new meanings, dangerous foes, even those who makes her innovative weapons.

Revised Dashiny latest work. How to recover the mission and Majesty, how to turn it into a Holy place where wishes come true and how to bring victory in the struggle of light and darkness, as a young man to save himself in the world of small and large temptations temptations… Thought that will Wake up!

But here is a suggested one rich Siberian region, scientific and educational center to hold their “Dashiny reading.” To collect on the candid discussion of local young scientists are not indifferent to the fate of the country. And his too. Learn how they see our future and our place in it. The Governor replied that Dashiny ideas Siberia uninteresting. Busy official under the building contract. And did not realize that the war boys is not for the instructions of the Governor, and for Dashiny meanings…

Oops! Immediately thought of ZNPP. Maybe our defense spending nerves and efforts to intercept “Hamarov”. Let e***, in the sense of zagareet in full. Let it fly in the air forty containers, let them spread countless cartridges of four units and after their Westinghouse bastards from two more. Let… in Short, probably around a thousand, it will be possible to start from zero. Then, perhaps, there will be no tolerastov, neither the Nazis nor the Siberian governors.

I thought that planet of the apes will end differently. The first two, say, go to the forest. And the third one to turn into a meaningful entity. You will become a man!

And look how it turns out.

Dmitry Vydrin