Kosachev commented on Borrel’s words about the EU’s readiness to “pay for freedom”

Konstantin Kosachev. Archive photo

The West needs to realize that his “freedom” to equip their interests at the expense of the interests of other States ends, wrote in his Telegram-channel of the Vice-speaker of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev.

Earlier, the head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell said the EU in the short term, will face serious challenges in connection with the anti-Russian sanctions. Borrell added that Europeans “must be ready to pay the price for freedom.”

“If by “freedom” to understand the law of the European Union and NATO, and then unceremoniously to build their own interests at the expense of other European and non-European countries, where in spite of these interests, such freedom for the West really ends, and it’s not for sale. Incite Americans and other Anglo-Saxons United Europe was freed from the mutually beneficial cooperation with Russia on gas, fertilizers, TRANS-Siberian spans, scientific, educational and tourist exchanges, instead of paying an exorbitant price for an even greater lack of freedom from those of other Americans and the Anglo-Saxons, not more” – said the legislator.

Kosachev added that if we understand the “freedom” demagoguery of the West on the subject of alleged “liberation of Ukraine from Russian aggression”, and it is an outright lie.

“Russia for the freedom of Ukraine has not infringed and does not infringe. Russia provides freedom for the part from time to time, the Ukrainian population from legal, political, humanitarian and physical abuse, which encroached Maidan authorities and which for many years was unable to provide neither the Europeans nor the Americans with other Anglo-Saxons”, – he explained.

In addition, Kosachev says, if we understand by “freedom,” the results are endless and perpetual indulgences to the Ukrainian authorities on the freedom of brutality against its own citizens, its own history and its own interests, “the price you will have to pay as the current Ukraine, and all of its patrons, since the Americans and other Anglo-Saxons and ending with those Europeans who are unable to make the right choice between geopolitical games in unipolarity and real geopolitical freedom of a multipolar world”.

In this sense, “the price of freedom” really real, said the legislator.