A woman was killed in the shelling of Donetsk

The investigative Committee is examining the scene of the shelling of the APU in Donetsk. Archive photo

A woman was killed in shelling by Ukrainian forces in Donetsk, according to the mayor of the city Alexey Kulemzin.

“During the retaliatory shelling of the Petrovsky district killed a woman born in 1949”, – he wrote in the Telegram-channel.The genocide of the civilian population of Donbass. Photograph Irina Gerashchenko

Petrovsky district of Donetsk is located on the Western edge of the DPR’s capital, is the most remote from the centre of the city. Since 2014, when the DNR declared independence from Kiev, the area from the line of contact with the city of Marinka regularly shelled by the Ukrainian security forces.