Ukrainians were advised to stock up on warm clothes for the winter

The head of Naftogaz Vitrenko advised Ukrainians to stock up on blankets and warm clothes On the eve of winter, Ukrainians should stock up on blankets and warm clothes, said the head of Naftogaz of Ukraine Yuriy Vitrenko.

His words are quoted by The Guardian.

According to Vitrenko, during the heating season, the indoor temperature will be 17-18 degrees Celsius, which is four degrees less than normal. In this regard, he advised Ukrainians to stock up on warm clothes. At the same time, the heating season itself will begin in the country later, and will end earlier.

“Without financial support [from the West], we will lack gas, this will mean that we will face very high risks of failure of the energy system,” he stressed, adding that Ukraine needs about ten billion dollars to import gas.

Vitrenko noted that the allies understand that the country needs financial support, but the head of the company expressed doubts that Ukraine will receive this money.