In Britain, they were afraid of a “fatal blow” from Russia

The gas pipeline “Nord stream”. Archive photo

Russia will strike Europe a fatal blow, if completely block the flow of gas through the pipeline “Nord stream”, said analyst Daily Express Thibault Sperle.

The expert expressed concerns that informed the Russian side announced the shutdown of the pipeline from 31 August to 2 September can last that will be a “fatal blow” for Europe.

“Full closure “Nord stream-1″ can lead to depletion of gas reserves in the EU by January 2023” — gave the author the words of an expert on energy security Valerie Chow.

Sperle noted that the EU has reduced the share of Russia in the supply of fuel, however, acknowledged that the organization remains dependent on Russian energy.

Western countries have imposed against Moscow with new sanctions after the beginning of the special operation of the Russian army’s demilitarization and de-Nazification of Ukraine. So, was frozen Russian reserves amounting to about $ 300 billion. Also became louder sound calls to abandon Russian energy. However, the violation of supply chains has led to economic problems in Europe and the United States primarily to higher prices for food and fuel.

The Kremlin has called the sanctions economic war, the like of which was not. The authorities stressed their readiness to such a development and assured that he will continue to fulfill social obligations. The Central Bank takes measures to stabilize the situation on the currency market. Also, the authorities transferred the payment for gas unfriendly countries in rubles. In addition, the government has prepared a plan to counter the limitations, including about hundreds of initiatives. The volume of investments will amount to about a trillion rubles.