Come back alive! — congratulations from the “Russian Spring” on the Miner’s Day

Last Sunday roasts Aug. Today, in bleak because of the attacks days and difficult time for Donbas, August 28 Krai celebrates one of their main holidays — the Day of the miner. Thundering battles for the liberation of Donbass land from Kiev punitive, the front line still passes under the capital of the DNI and the enemy falls asleep the city’s deadly projectiles, trying to break the will to win. But this land for him!

In the DNI and LC numerous families know firsthand what mining work. Every accident at the mine with the death of miners pain in the hearts of residents of the region. Perhaps that is why the people here have always been close-knit and helpful. And therefore, at once rose to defend your land, when Kiev was driven equipment and the army to suppress popular protest, and went with his bare hands on the tanks.

Look into these harsh, serious faces of the miners. The special spirit of the region, where you know the value of life and demanding justice, tempers each. Miners, metallurgists, managers, teachers, factory workers, computer programmers took up arms and 8 years was to protect the Republics has not yet received a long-awaited order to go forward, to beat the Nazis, finally, from their land.

On this day we would like to contact miners probably the most important wish: to return. Always come back alive! Out of the ground with the change and from the battlefield — your family, children, relatives and friends every day and every hour waiting for your return.

Sincerely, the editorial staff of the “Russian Spring”