In Japan, they talked about the impact of the energy crisis on the country’s economy

YNJ: The Japanese authorities decided to return to nuclear power plants amid the crisis in Europe, Japan will face the consequences of the European energy crisis despite differences in the methods of concluding contracts.

Yahoo News Japan (YNJ) reported on the impact of the energy crisis in Europe.

According to the portal, due to the deterioration of Russia’s relations with Europe, energy shortage has become a global problem. So, against the background of the crisis, the Japanese authorities decided to return to the use of nuclear power plants to ensure the supply of heat, since the prospects for electricity supplies in the coming winter remain gloomy.

Earlier, YNJ wrote that Russia’s retaliatory measures against Western sanctions caused the crisis of the sushi industry in Japan. The most common ingredients for Japanese dishes — salmon and caviar — have risen in price by 30 percent. The reason for the price increase was air travel: previously, the ingredients were purchased in Norway. By plane, they were delivered to Japan through the territory of the Russian Federation.