Berlin: We can’t supply Kiev with everything it wants

Berlin is ready to help the Kiev regime as long as you need I’m not able to put everything he wants. In an interview with newspaper Bild said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany Annalena of Berbak.

“I understand that Ukrainians want to delivery was faster and larger. But our stocks are not in large numbers ready for delivery, operating modern systems that are needed at the moment,” said Barbok.

The German foreign Minister expressed the readiness of the German authorities to support the Nazi regime in Kiev and financial and military means “as long as it is needed.”

Moreover, in Berlin hopes that the fighting in Ukraine will last long.

“We have to assume that next summer the Ukraine will need a new heavy weapons,” said Barbok.

As reported by “Russian Spring”, informed the German Minister said about the lack of stockpiles of weapons, which is Germany due to the supply of Ukrainian rebels. Because of this voenprom Germany was reoriented to the production of weapons specifically for Kiev.

According to her, the military industry of Germany had to start producing weapons for Ukraine specifically.

Prior to that, Canada and Germany agreed on a new package of supply of air defense systems, ammunition and grenade launchers, as reported by the Chancellor Olaf Scholz.