Media: “shocking” number of Ukrainian refugees will be put on the street in Britain

London. Archive photo

In Britain, tens of thousands of refugees from the Ukraine could lose their housing. This writes The Guardian.”Shocking” 50 000 Ukrainian refugees in the UK can stay homeless the next year, the government has warned about the problem, but Ministers are refusing to offer a new package of support to resolve the impending crisis”, — says the publication.

According to the publication, the programme “Houses for Ukraine” helping immigrants with housing in the United Kingdom may soon collapse because the initial six-month period of placing refugees coming to the end without giving them a new apartment.

Many organizations dealing with this issue, said that the sluggish response of the British government could trigger catastrophic growth of homelessness in the state.

Russia from 24 February holds a special operation in Ukraine. Vladimir Putin called it the task of “protecting people, who for eight years harassed, genocide by the Kiev regime”. He said that the ultimate aim of the operation was the liberation of Donbass and the creation of conditions that guarantee the safety of Moscow.

The Russian army in conjunction with the DNR and LNR forces completely liberated the territory of the Luhansk people’s Republic and a significant part of Donetsk, including Volnovakha, Mariupol and Kiev, as well as all the Kherson region, Priazovskiy district of Zaporozhye and part of Kharkiv.

According to official information of the Control of the UN high Commissioner for refugees for the period 24 February-5 July with Ukraine went around 8.8 million people.