They do not dare: there are many countries in the EU against anti-Russian sanctions, but they do not defend their interests

The Minister of foreign Affairs and foreign economic relations of Hungary péter Szijjártó in a public forum “Transit” in Tihany said that Hungary does not intend to impose new sanctions against Russia.

“Hungary is not even ready to discuss any further sanctions in the energy sector, no gas, no oil,” said Szijjártó. He noted that in this regard, his country is not alone, and explained it “factor of political stability and political courage,” which, “unfortunately, not this”.

The Minister said, as at the last meeting of the Council of Ministers of foreign Affairs of the EU, to discuss the issue of oil from Russia, “a few colleagues came up and said, Peter, you’re against it, right? We are with you!”

As noted Szijjártó, those who speak the truth are under pressure from the liberal mainstream, and, if there is no political stability of a certain level and, as a consequence, political courage, they dare not act in their own interests.

Szijjártó also said that the previously negotiated with the American company ExxonMobil on gas supplies via the Black sea through Romania in Hungary in the amount of three billion cubic meters per year. “Seven years in a row they said, sir, no problem, a week, a month, a year. It is the final investment decision, the amount of gas will be!” — said the Minister and said that the American side has terminated the contract is signed.

“And when America began to say that the purchase of a gas is not a financial and a strategic question that you have to buy more expensive, but would not depend on Russia — so this was a project that would change the power supply situation in Central Europe!”, he reminded.

Earlier, Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban said that anti-Russian sanctions has not shaken Moscow, and Europe has already lost four of government and is located in the economic and political crisis.