It became known about the training of Ukrainian women volunteers in military affairs

The Dutch portal NOS told about the military training of Ukrainian volunteers in the West of Ukraine, women volunteers are trained in military affairs, the Dutch portal NOS told about it.

The publication talked with two Ukrainian women who are among the future recruits of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. One of them, with the call sign Sultan, works in a car dealership and became an instructor. The second, Phoenix, is a housewife in ordinary life, raising her son, in the camp she is trained as a sniper.

Women note that this is a necessary measure necessary to protect their families and homes. Instructor Deb told about the Phoenix student that she participated in the training on an equal basis with men. “She was physically strong and as skilled with weapons as men. The training lasted five hours without any breaks. She was one of the best,” he said.

From October 1 in Ukraine, women of a number of professions will be obliged to register for military service. The list includes seven professions and 14 specialties, including chemistry, biology, telecommunications, software and others.