In British schools, they were afraid of the prospect of freezing in winter, — The Sun

In the UK the increasing energy crisis has created panic among principals, reports The Sun.

In some educational institutions for savings plans to lower the temperature regime in the classroom, so children have to be in the classroom with a warm coat, according to the tabloid. However, because among the students there came from the poorest segments of the population, the possibility of purchasing them sweaters.

The Director also expect that more students will be free lunch in schools, thereby saving tools the family budget.

Earlier, the British newspaper Evening Standard has advised Nigerians to caulk the Windows and wash the dishes in the basin. Recommendations associated with the rising cost of housing and communal services.

According to the Office for national statistics, Britain, the country in June due to the imposition of sanctions for the first time since 1997, he left without Russian energy. Russia was one of the largest suppliers of oil products in the UK in 2021, its share was more than 24 percent, and oil and gas was at around six and five percent, respectively.