Policy derusification on Ukraine may lead to conflict after the end of the war — Politico

Conducted by the Ukrainian authorities policies of de-Russification lays the Foundation for the conflict in Ukraine after the war.

This writes Politico.

The author — editor of the “Opinions” of the European edition of Politico Jamie Dettmer writes that the war accelerated the process of elimination of the Russian cultural and linguistic influence in Ukraine — a difficult task that may not be fair in relation to a quarter of Ukrainians who identificeret themselves as Russian.

“De-Russification was until February of the invasion. In January, Human Rights Watch expressed concern about the lack of protection of the Russian language in the new law on the state language,” writes the author.

Since the beginning of the RAID, according to him, the de-Russification went even faster.

“But historically, the Ukrainian and Russian culture are inextricably linked and contribute to the formation of one another — for good or for evil. Witness the national poet of Ukraine Taras Shevchenko, who is considered one of the founders of modern Ukrainian literature. He is revered for his poems written in the Ukrainian language. But he also wrote in Russian language,” writes the author of the publication.

He believes that the de-Russification of Ukraine creates problems both now and in the future, as “the desire to abandon all Russian gives food Kremlin propagandists, stoking anti-Ukrainian sentiment in Russia and among Russian speakers and ethnic Russians in Ukraine. But more importantly — aggressive de-Russification will make it more difficult reconciliation and peaceful coexistence for all Ukrainians, regardless of their traditions and the past.”

“In his speech on independence Day Zelensky promised that the Kiev forces will return the Crimea occupied by Russia. But if that day comes, how will we approach the de-Russification? Will he continue to insist on the use of the Ukrainian language in most aspects of public life on the Peninsula, where 65% of the population is Russian? While Ukraine is trying to win this war, she also need to think about how to achieve peace,” says the editor of Politico.