France and Germany will offer the EU not to stop issuing visas to Russians, but to take more money from them — Bloomberg

France and Germany in a joint statement urging the EU will continue to issue visas to Russians, not associated with the authorities.

This writes Bloomberg with reference to the text of the document prepared for the meeting of foreign Ministers of the European Union in Prague next week (will be held on Wednesday, August 31).

Two leading European powers believe that the EU should continue to issue visas for Russian students, artists, scholars, and professionals.

“Understanding the concerns of some member States in this context, we should not underestimate the transformative power of direct experience of life in a democratic system, particularly for future generations,” reads the statement, which was read by Bloomberg.

According to the Agency, as a compromise at a meeting of Ministers to discuss the case in which the Russians to obtain short-term visas will have to undergo additional bureaucratic procedures and pay more money.