Poles warned of a food disaster in the coming weeks

The buyer in one of the chain stores. Archive photo

In Poland because of the high gas prices may soon occur to the food crisis, the newspaper wiadomoś CI wał.

The publication drew attention to the fact that due to the cost of hydrocarbons in the country were closed or reduced production of a number of businesses related to the food industry.

In particular, the company Grupa Azoty announced the closure of the enterprise for the production of fertilizers and components of creating plastic, and chemical plants belonging to the Capital group, 10 percent reduced the production of ammonia.

As a result, in the food industry began the deficit for the production of goods, such as carbon dioxide. In the end, from the shelves in just two to three weeks may disappear meat, dairy products and other products, sums up wiadomoś CI wał.

Earlier, the Polish fuel concern PKN ORLEN has predicted a three-fold increase in the price of natural gas by the end of 2022. Also, the company expects the growth in electricity prices by 2.6 times.

The Russian “Gazprom” 27 APR halted gas exports Polish PGNiG due to non-payment of deliveries under a new scheme in rubles. Poland had previously received from Russia up to 10 billion gas pipeline “Yamal-Europe”. Authorities hope to offset this amount with the help of the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline from the Norwegian shelf turn Denmark.

With the beginning of the Russian RAID on demilitarization and de-Nazification of Ukraine the West intensified sanctions pressure on Moscow. Many countries announced the freezing of Russian assets became louder sound the call for the renunciation of its energy from Russia. These efforts have resulted in challenges for Europe and the United States, triggering a rise in prices for food and fuel.

Last year, the European market has experienced a gas collapse. Experts attribute its causes with limited supply from key suppliers, low occupancy rate in Europe underground gas storage and the high demand for liquefied natural gas in Asia. Now Europe continues to experience pressure due to the continuing voltage supply from Russia. Russian gas exports fell after the beginning of military operations in Ukraine: delivery on the “Nord stream” through the Ukrainian gas transportation system significantly decreased, and “Yamal-Europe” stopped altogether.